Thursday, 31 March 2011

Custom Patterned Stamps with a Diecut machine?

Did you know that if you have an electronic diecut machine you can use it to create negatives for your stampmaker?  We recently had to create a stamp and a project for the last HSN segment that Teresa did using this method.  At first, we kept having issues with the polymer forming dome shapes where the cardstock was cut away but finally figured out that if we added a piece of transparency in between the polymer and the cardstock negative-it eliminated the dome effect and you ended up with a nice solid polymer stamp image.

Then, Charlie discovered that if you print a design or pattern on the piece of transparency first-you get a nice custom patterned stamp.  You can use any image-text, dots, stripes. plaid etc.  He also discovered that you can also use any of the gorgeous pre-printed transparencies out there on the market to get the same type of effect.

Here is a downloadable pdf with step by step directions...