Thursday, 10 May 2012

Graduation stamps by Cheri Piles

Cheri from the Design Team has certainly been busy creating cute disc shaped stamps for a graduation album. Thank you for sharing this with us.
From Cheri:
Senior year sure is an event, a Never Ending Event. The countdown is on!

As I was creating an album of my daughter's senior year I found that I needed to have some more "SENIOR" type of themed stamps to go with the book.

I really was looking high and low for something with a consistent theme to help with my album when I decided it would just be much easier to create my own stamps. I would have everything I was looking for; the same style, theme, font, size and look.
To create these stamps I used Photoshop Elements:

Open your large stamp base (or create one and name it large stamp base for future use.)

I opened a text on a path file (there are many online places you can find them if you don't know how) and typed in class of 2012 with my underline on so I would have one of my borders.

Then I opened another layer to create my additional two circle borders.

I started typing my words making sure they fit inside of the circle as I went.

Then I printed them making sure my ink was set to the heaviest volume and created all of my stamps for my album.

I stamped them onto patterned paper layered onto chipboard then cut out and inked the chipboard in black to give it the "token" look.
They were just perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Please be sure to check out the Teresa Collins Design Team blog for more images of how these tokens were used in the album.


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