Monday, 13 August 2012

Everyday You card by Cheri Piles

 Cheri has created a beautifully detailed, yet simple card project with the stamps from the August download.The everyday you, days of the week and butterfly stamp all look good put together. Thanks Cheri once again for putting this together.

From Cheri: I just love the stamps that team member Amanda created. You can see that the details in these stamps are pretty amazing! The background stamp is made of text of the days of the week and they are small and I was so impressed with the size and that it works as a stamp!
If you've been making your own stamps I'm sure, like me you've been nervous of using little tiny fonts just in case it won't turn out but here you can see just what the Teresa Collins Stampmaker is capable of! WOW!! 

Detailed butterfly sits on a days of the week background

The soft little detail in this butterfly is so pretty! I know I will use it again and again!!
 I hope you are inspired to use this month's FREE negative download created by Amanda and even create some of your own stamps with the greatest of details! 

Cheri Piles

Days of the week from Aug download as a negative

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