Monday, 10 September 2012

Butterfly earrings and charm by Petra Offrell

I love the diversity of projects that people come up with when using stampmaker. 
For instance, would you consider making your own jewelry from a stamp?
Petra has done just that. She has taken one of the FREE download designs, made a stamp and created her own earrings and matching charm! A great gift for other people too - create bespoke jewelry with individual names too. 

Anyway, here is how Petra put together this earring and charm using our butterfly stamps from the August download:

What you need:

August Photocentric downloads to make stamps
Shrink plastic
Jewellery basics  

What to do

I love the butterflies of the august stamp collection and I wanted to make something of them that I can show off. I decided to make myself a pair of earrings and a charm.
I stamped on shrink plastic and cut out the shape. Then in the oven it shrank down to a third of the size, just perfect for jewellery.
After it got cold again I just used some ready-made jewellery basics and I was ready to go.

Time taken: 20 minutes


Be sure to make the holes before you shrink the plastic. Also make a few and make sure you stamp them in the same direction of the plastic because it may shrink differently in different directions. 
Also I turned the plastic once in the oven to get it flat. After taking it out, I gently pushed it flat between two sheets of aluminium folio.


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  1. Awesome! Those earrings are really cute! Thanks for shaaring the inspiration :)