Friday, 7 September 2012

Wrapping paper & gift tag by Petra Offrell

I really like this gift wrapping and tag idea from Petra. It has given me some fab ideas for my sister's up and coming birthday gift wrapping! 
A simple but really effective way to create personalised, unique wrapping paper and have co-ordinated tags too! 
Thanks Petra.

What you need
  • August Photocentric downloads to make stamps
  • Gift wrap
  • Ink
  • Machine stitching
  • A hole punch   

What to do
I got this idea to use the stamps instead of ribbon on my parcel. I added two stamped butterflies that I fuzzy cut and stitched together to get that little something to make it perfect. I also made a matching tag. 
Time taken
20 minutes
I cut out a tag from cardstock and then used the gift wrap around it to make it more stable.

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