Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fun Halloween Tag by Cheri Piles

Not only did she design the Halloween stamps, she also created this creepily cool tag: thank you to the very talented Cheri Piles!

In her own words...

This is a fun tag to create. This was my one of my favorite stamp sets from the download that I created! Cut a large tag of your choice. Then wad it up into a ball and ink the folds as you unfold it. Once you have unfolded it simply mist the inked areas where the folds were created and use a crafting iron, iron your card flat again. I used a charcoal gray ink for that step. This gives your an aged/Spooky look. Then ink around all of the edges in black. I stamped my top left corner of the tag with the spider web stamp and then created another layer and stamping the spider web again both images were stamped in black. Then I stamped over them again using Perfect Medium and dusted it with
Stamp designed by Cheri and used in the tag
Pewter Perfect Pearls. Once I was done I added the 2nd spider web over the top of the second one using pop dots. I also used this same technique with Perfect pearls over the spider. It's a fun Spooky tag!
It took about 30 minutes to create this tag.

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