Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Halloween Candy Dish by Christina Biddle

Thank you very much to Christina Biddle for sending in her candy dish! Created using the stamps from our Sept free download. 
I think this is a pretty cool idea. Here's how Christina made this...

What you need
White clay, pin tool, sponge, water, plastic (dry cleaning bags work great), foam cushion (2-3 inches thick), TC stamp, rectangular block (same size or slightly larger than the TC stamp), black and yellow underglaze and clear glaze


What to do
Roll clay into a 1/4 inch slab. Place block on slab and using a ruler or straight edge, cut a rectangle with a margin on all sides of the block that is 1/2 to 1 inch (I used the ruler width). 
Place stamp in center of the cut out clay and roll or press evenly to make an imprint. 
Place plastic sheet on foam cushion and put the stamped clay in the middle. Fold the plastic over the clay so it is "sandwiched" but there is room on all sides, you don't want the fold of the plastic to be close to the edge of the clay. 

Take the block used to size the shape and place it on the plastic in the middle of the clay. Push down into the cushion firmly and quickly. Remove block and let clay dry until it is set enough to clean up the edges with a wet sponge and sign the bottom. 
Fire according to clay specifications. 
For the decoration, apply black underglaze to the stamped area. 
You don't have to be neat - once it’s dry, wipe most of it away so you are left with a "wash" for a rustic look. 

Use yellow or orange underglaze to accent one stamped area then apply a clear glaze over the dish and you are ready for the final firing. Once the dish is finished fill with Halloween Candy!

Time taken
 30 minutes (excluding drying and firing)

The wider your margin, the deeper your dish, but too wide and the clay may slump or warp during firing.

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