Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Gratitude jar by Lori McClellan

This is such a sweet idea. A gratitude jar for Thanksgiving. When Lori first told me about it, I was immediately taken by the concept.
So family members write down on the pre stamped cards what they are thankful for. These cards are placed in the jar and read out during Thanksgiving dinner.

Lori also told me,
'The thing I love about the gratitude jar, is it that I
get to preserve my children's thoughts, feelings and hand writing. I will be able to look back and see what was important to them. I think this is a tradition I want to continue year after year. I think that the gratitude jar makes them think harder of the things that we take for granted everyday.'

What you need: Download stamps, Jar, jute, paint, modge podge, wooden
candlestick, card stock, ribbon

What to do: Apply modge podge to the jar and wrap the jute around it. Apply acrylic
paint to the word art stamp and stamp the image on the ribbon. Set a side to
dry. Paint the candle stick,lid and wooden knob the same brown. Stamp the Give
Thanks round with brown ink on to cream card stock. Stamp the "I'm thankful
for" several times to make the journaling cards. Cut around them. Tie your
ribbon around the jar. Adhere the circle stamp with a pop dot. Glue the candle
stick to the bottom of the jar.
Each day I will ask a member of the family to
fill in one of the "I'm thankful for" cards and stick in the jar. On
thanksgiving, we will open the jar and read them together. After the holiday, I
will be saving andscrapooking these precious cards that will forever preserve
my children's handwriting and feelings.

Time taken to complete: 45 minutes

TIPS : When you modge podge the jute to the bottle, only apply small amounts of
glue then wrap the jute, apply a little more glue, then wrap the jute. The glue
dries fast.

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