Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mr & Mrs - The perfect wedding gift. Make these fabulous letters using your stamp maker kit

This weekend i got crafting and made these lovely black and white letters for my friends wedding.  These are unique in every way because the printed design was designed by me and then made in to a stamp using the Photocentric Stampmaker kit.

Materials i used
1.Cardboard letters from Hobby Craft
2. Black and white ribbon set
3. Black acrylic paint
4. White acrylic paint
5. embellishments -pink and blue felt butterflies from hobby craft
6. White & black embossing powders - WOW embossing.
7. Heat Gun
8. Clear Versamark ink pad

How to Make
  • Design your pattern on the PC. I used corel draw and watched alot of you tube videos to teach myself how to design.
  • When ready print your design using the inkjet film that comes in the kit. Here is what my negative looked like.

  •  I then made the stamp following the instructions in my kit. For a brief idea of how this is done -Position the negative in the clamp with the imagepac sachets. Expose under the UV light for 6 secs on one side and then flip it over and expose for a furher 1.40. Cut around the edges and peel of the backing. Wsh remaining liquid in sink using warm soapy water. Put in water tray back under the light for a further 3 mins to harden and then let dry. Here is what my stamps looked like.

  • Paint your cardboard letters using the acrylic paints. You can of course choose different colours
  •  Whilst they are drying get your other materials ready, embossing powders, versa mark, heat gun. 
  • Stamp your design over your letters using the versa mark ink pad and then cover with embossing powder. Heat the embossing powder using your heat gun and watch it change in to crisp white. Or if using different colours watch them change under the heat. Be careful not to over heat and always do a practice run to test what look it will achieve.
  • Finally after you have finished stamping decorate the remaining letters with embellishments of your choice.  
srand back and admire your work. 


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