Thursday, 13 March 2014

Photograph Stamp

Hun fun and create some wonderful personalised kits for your friends and family. Using the Photocentric Imagepac Stampmaker kit i got creative making a photo in to a stamp. 

First choose your photo. For my little tester project i used a black and white picture of my friends little girl called BROOKE. Isn't she a cutie :-)

I then converted the image in to a negative and printed it out on to my inkjet film that comes in the kit. I used Corel Photo Paint to do this. If your not familar with any designing programme then the best way to learn is to watch you tube videos or read the internet. There is so many help guides out there. This is how i learnt. It takes time but very rewarding when you do finally get to know it.  For a video on how to print a negative please visit Here's what it came out like

Using the stampmaker kit i made an A7 stamp from the negative. Picture below.. The kit is extremely easy to use and comes with full instructions. You can make a stamp in just 5 mins......WOW amazing.

And here is the final touches and by far the best and stamp. I stamped just on to white cotton fabric for a test but i plan to make a little keepsake cushion as a gift for my friend. The ink i used was stazon because this stamps best on to fabric.  Now it's over to you.........come on guys lets see what photos you can stamp with.

                                                       X CHARLENE SLAVEN X

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