Monday, 16 June 2014

A man, his hat and moustache

These pictures are from a maskerade we had 4 years ago but when I saw FabScraps new Gentlemen's Club Collection I knew I wanted to use those photos.They are also perfect with the father's day stamps.

For This Project You Will Need
    FabScraps Gentlemen’s Club paper range: C66 001, 002 and 004
    FabScraps Gentlemen’s Club Journal Box MC66 001A
    FabScraps Gentlemen’s Club Die Cuts DC66 010 Hats, Clock & Waistcoats and DC66 014 Penny Farthing Bicycle
    FabScraps Stencils and metal bug decoration
    Modelling paste, gesso, mask, embossing powder, mini staple, Crystal Glaze, Ink and flowers. Moustache stamp
1.                   Use a blue C66 001 as a base. Cut off ½ 2 on two sides.
2.                   Add modelling paste on a mask. Let dry. Distress the edges.
3.                   Cut off the centre of C66 004 so that you keep a frame that is 1” wide. Put behind the base. Stich on using a sewing machine.
4.                   Cut out a piece 4x10 2 from the centrepiece of C66 004. Add some gesso on a mask and let dry. Distress the edges.
5.                   Cut a slightly bigger piece from C66 002. Distress the edges and put behind.
6.                   On top of these two pieces put two photos. Glue on but only in the centre so that you can tick in decorations around the edges. Add to the page.
7.                   Cut of a piece of one of the Hot air balloons from MC66 001A and add
8.                   Cut out a clock from MC66 001A and add some crystal Glaze. Let dry.
9.                   Add embossing powder to the hat DC66 010 and the bike DC66 014. Paint some of the hat black. Add both.
10.               Add lots of flowers and the clock.
11.               Cut out circles from C66002 and add beside the photo using a mini staple.
12.              Make a stamp from the negatives below using the Teresa Collins Stampmaker from Photocentrics. Stamp 3 moustaches, let dry, cut out and staple on
13.               Add the metal bug decoration.
14.               Add the title.

15.               Enjoy

Stamp made using the Teresa Collins Stampmaker by Photocentrics:

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